Developed a github profile analysis tool that gets the information of github users like total public repos, forks. It fetches data from github using axios library for http requests.

Technologies Used: Node.js, React.js, Javascript, HTML & CSS, Axios Library


An alternative platform for creating a personalized easily customizable page, that houses all the important links I want to share with the internet. It is built using HTML, CSS & JS.

Technologies Used: CSS, HTML, Canvas, Javascript, FontAwesome


Built using Gatsby that combines functionality from React, GraphQL and Webpack. It uses JS libraries such as chart.js for data visualization & framer-motion for react animation.

Technologies Used: Gatsby, Node.js, Chart.js, React.js, Framer-Motion


An app based on HTML, CSS & JS with the feature of a 30-second timer for each of five questions and reports is generated based on the performance of the participated user.

Technologies Used: CSS, HTML, Netlify, Javascript, FontAwesome


Ambient sound healing therapy uses aspects of nature's sounds to improve physical and mental health. It is based on next.js and prerecorded sounds of nature from SoundBible.

Technologies Used: SCSS, Next.js, Node.js, SoundBible, FontAwesome


Created a web-based portfolio, It replicates the features of windows 10 theme and it is deployed on the netlify using tech stack such as node.js, react.js & react draggable.

Technologies Used: UIKit, Quill.js, React.js, Fluent UI, React Draggable